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Rotary Sheet Cutter for Kraft Paper/2 Ply Liner
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Flat Bed Die Cutter [Double Station]
Shear line introduces the new Two-Station Flat Bed Die Cutter
  • Shear Simplicity - Extremely simple to operate and requires no skilled operators.
  • Super Safety - No chance or possibility of any accident
  • Streamlined Looks- Designed with streamlined contours giving the state-of-the-art appearance to the machine
  • Auto / Manual Operating Cycle – Can be set from 3 to 99 seconds on digital timer
  • Sheet Counter – Digital sheet counter keeps count on number of sheet produced
  • Flexibility – can be used to cut single or multiple boards
  • No special Die Required – Same die used on platen punching machine, can be used on this machine
  • No make ready, No locking, No set up time
  • Job can be changed in few seconds
  • Two-way operation
  • High speed of production – 1440 impressions per hour
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Power Requirement
  • Wide Range of Applications – Can be used for die cutting of:
    • Corrugated Boards (3/5/7/9 ply) as well as E-flute Board
    • Sunpac (Plastic Corrugated Sheets)
  • Gaskets, Binding Cloth… and many more
  • Effective Replaces Slotting, Scoring and Punching Machine


  • Saving of Floor space
  • Reduced Power consumption
  • Increased Production
  • Two jobs can be run at a time
Pallate Truck Trolly Felt for Automatic Plant Annilox Roll Hydraulic Power Pack
Flute Rolls Cut off Machine Knife Rubber Roll Stitching Wire
Adopters [Fingers] P.I.V. Gear Box Stitching Machine Parts Control Pannel for Single Facer
Rotary Joints Creasing Die Hydraulic Table Hot Plates
Heaters Cutter Knife for Rotary Machine Oil Lubricating System  
Rotary Sheet Cutter Knife Knife for Essentric Slotter Digital Counter  
Board Cutter Knife Cutting Envil for Flat Bed Die Cutter Digital Timers  

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