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Rotary Joints


Rotary Joints, Rotary Unions and accessories are designed and manufactured, employing the latest manufacturing technology to offer a world class performance.

We have established ourselves as one of the market leaders in the field of Rotary Joints within a short span. we are ready to meet any requirements in the field of Rotary and Movable connections for thermic fluid (hot oil), steam, water and
various other fluids.

ROTARY JOINTS For Steam, Hot Oil and Water: Rotary Joints connects a flow of liquid or vapour from a stationary supply pipe to a rotating machine part, such as a roll, dryer or cylinder. They maintain a seal without any usage of packing, adjust to operating pressure and requires no lubrication.



Rubber Y Plastics : Film Machine, Injection, Mixing Roll, Extruder, calendar.
Printing Y Packaging : Offset Press, Photogravure press, Corrugation Machine
Paper Y Pulp : Super Calendar, Coater.
Fiber Y Dyeing : Sizings, Vacuum Dryer.
Steel Mill : Continuous Plating, Strip Mill.
Chemical : Drum Dryer, Ball Mill, Conical Dryer.
Food : Cooker, Kettle.

ROTARY JOINTS High Temperature, High Pressure Steam or Hot Oil :

The FS-Series Rotary Joints have a long and trouble free service with ease of maintenance. All the contact parts are corrosion resistant and therefore there are no deposits or rusted particles to damage the carbon graphite component that can cause premature wearing of the seal area. The single piece rotor shaft assures excellent concentricity. All sizes are available in Mono flow as well as Dual flow (With stationary or rotating internal pipe).

Max. Saturated Steam Pressure : 10.55 Kg/cm2 (150 psi),
o Max. Saturated Steam Temperature: 185 C.
Max. Hot Oil Pressure : 7 Kg/cm2 ( 100 psi).
Max. Hot Oil Temperature : 3000 C.
Max. Rotational Speed : 400 RPM.
Operation at maximum pressure continued with maximum speed should be avoided.

* Operation at maximum pressure continued with maximum speed should be avoided


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