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 About Mr. DOSHI

Shri Babulal Doshi, is the main experience enterpreneaur behind the stupendous & multifaceted growth of the company. Mr. Doshi is a born lender, a visionary Program list and hard-core nationalist this ammensely successful & valuable advice, to be available to the company. He is a man with innate abilities and a technical expertise in finding innovative solution in the field of corrugated package.
Mr. Doshi had over three decades of experience in the manufacture of corrugated boxes, before he Ventured into the field of Machines. His hand working abilities and unflagging enthusiasm to always develop something new machines for the corrugated packaging Industry.


Mr. Viral B. Doshi & Mr. Nandish B. Doshi are a capable administration & they successfully executed several large & prestigious project over the Past 9 years. They are looking after the production activities of the company.

They are young & dynamic before in facing challenges and transforming them into opportunities. Backed by the rich expertise of Mr. Babulal Doshi, Viral Doshi & Nandish Doshi have developed a unique blend of technical components and managerial abilities, to give a superior edge to Super Shear Line and lead the company to greater heights of protection in the years to come.


Super Shear Line is dedicated to the development and manufacture of innovative machines for the "Corrugated Packaging Industry". These machines are an evolution that has been triggered by the changing needs of the industry and increasing demand for machines that contribute to making of better corrugated boxes.

Behind these machines is four decades of experience of Mr. Doshi and the inspiring enthusiasm of Mr. Viral and Mr. Nandish.
Super Shear Line, today, offers a range of machines including single facer, rotary sheet cutter, sheet pasting machine, flat bed die cutter, flexo printer, flexo printer slotter, hydraulic waste binding machine, inline 3/5 ply automatic plant, water based inks, water based varnish, side flap gluer, folder gluer, rotary slotting combine, RS4, 4 bar creasing machine, essentric slotter, stitching machine. All products with link.

Behind each machines from Super Shear Line is a deep rooted commitment to quality performance and services.

Super Shear Line has exported its whole range of machines to Singapore, Indonesia, SriLanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kuwait, Sudan, Congo, Madagaskar and Ethiopia.

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