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Rotary Sheet Cutter
  • This machine is used for sharp and precise cutting of 2-ply corrugated liner as well as to cut Kraft or Duplex paper to the required length.
  • The machine can be used as an independent machine or can also be attached with the single facer to provide in-line cutting of 2-ply liner of required lenth.
  • The machine is provided with PIV Gear box to adjust cutting lenth of sheet precisely and prevent damage to flue.
  • The machine can be set quickly, without cahnging gears.
  • Cutting lenth: Minimum 17", Maximum 97"
  • Sizes available: 42", 52", 62", 75" and 82"
Cutting Motor
Cutting Length Min/Max
2 HP
20" /120"
2 HP
20" /120"
3 HP
20" /120"
3 HP
20" /120"

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