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Hydraulic Waste Binding Machine

Handling and disposal of waste in a Corrugated Box Making Plant is a time consuming, space occuping and labour intensive operation. Manual pressing and binding makes the bale loose and inconvenient to handle.

SUPER SHEAR LINE Hydraulic Waste Binding Machine makes  his operation eazy, effieciant and economical.

Hydraulic Waste Binding machine compress waste paper of large volumes into compact bales, therby saving valuable space and making the handling easier. Since more baled waste can be transported in same truck volume, fright costs are saved. Besides, well-compressed and properly baled waste yields a better price.

Large volumes can be baled using the machine by just one person, therby saving time, effort and costs.

SHEAR LINE Hydraulic Waste Binding Machine is compact in design and occupies just 1m x 1m of floor space.



Features of Hydraulic Waste Binding Machine

  • Simple and sturdy.
  • Low power requirment.
  • Noiseless.
  • No skille labour require.
  • Innovation auti ejection system.
  • Verstile : Can be used for baling of Corrugated Sheet, Paper, Stationary (Shredded and Inshredded), Plastic Waste, Grass, Sugercane, Pisposable Can Films etc.
Technical Specification of Hydraulic Waste Binding Machine
Dimension (mm) L x W x H 725 x 975 x 1700
902 x 1090 x 1700
1308 x 1090 x 1800
Machine Weight (kg.) 700
Power Requiment 2 HP, 3 Phase
3 HP, 3 Phase
5 HP, 3 Phase
Baliing Capacity 30 kg. to 120 kg.
100 kg. to 175 kg.
up to 250 kg.
Bale size (mm) L x W x H Min. : 24" x 24" x 24"
31" x 31" x 31"
47" x 31" x 36"

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