Corrugated Box Manufacturer India
Board Making
Inline 3/5 Ply Kraft Paper Corrugated Board Making Plant
Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand
Single Facer [Single Profile]
Single Facer [Double Profile]
Rotary Sheet Cutter for Kraft Paper/2 Ply Liner
Board Cutter
Sheet Pasting Machine
Hydraulic Sheet Pressing Machine
Box Making

High Speed Flexo Printer Slotter

Flexo Printer
Rotary Creaser Slotter Combine Machine
4 Bar Rotary Creasing Machine
Essentric Slotter Machine
Heavy Duty Flat Bed Die Cutter
Heavy Duty Platten Punching Machine
Side Flap Gluer

Stitching Machine

Hydraulic Waste Binding Machine

Corrugation/Pasting Gum Powder

Water Based Inks & Varnishes
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Single Facer 9" Corrugating Machine [Single Profile]
Single face corrugated machine to make 2-ply corrugated board








~ Semi High Speed 10" ~ High Speed 12"


  • Verticle or Oblique Type
  • All Rollers mounted on bearing
  • Heating : Electricity, Steam, Thermic Fluid, or LPG.
  • Machine Output Speed : 130 feet/ minute with Electrical heating AND 155 feet / minut with Boiler Heating.
  • Flute Roll Diameter : 9"
  • All Rollers mounted on Roller bearings
  • Two / Three Pre-Heaters provided.
  • Electrical / Stream / Thermic Heating
  • Motorised Gum Stirring Unit
  • Variable Speed Drive Motor
  • Hydraulic Self-Loading Reel Stand
  • Fluting : A, B, C, E, F, N
  • Size : 32", 42", 52"



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