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Corrugation Machine presented by Mr. Doshi

Super Shear Line takes today's technology to its heights by creating the right machines for today's corrugators. Its product range is Single Facer, Rotary Sheet Cutter, Sheet pasting machine, Flat bed die cutter, Flexo printer, Flexo printer Slotter, Hydraulic Waste binding machine, Inline 3/5 ply automatic plant, Water based inks, Water based Varnish, Side Flap Gluer, Folder Gluer, Rotary Slotting Combine, RS4, 4 bar creasing machine, Essentric Slotter, Stitching machine.

These machines are an evolution that has been triggered by the needs of the industry, which is perfect in every aspect offering benefits to the corrugators that hitherto were not possible. Behind each machine is the Four decades of experience of Mr. Doshi in the field of Corrugation Industry.

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